How Divorce Can Impact A Bankruptcy Filing

How Divorce Can Impact A Bankruptcy Filing

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A divorce is one reason that we often see clients in our office for bankruptcy advice and guidance. The end result of the divorce can leave one party, or both parties, facing serious debt and difficulties dealing with their financial situations. Bankruptcy can be one option for taking control of the situation.

Divorce is extremely stressful on its own. There are many issues to deal with that will impact your future. You should consider the financial toll that a divorce will take on you before you move forward with a divorce. Our staff at the law office of Michael J. Logan, Ltd., can meet with you before you file for divorce to determine if filing for bankruptcy may assist in the divorce process.

Before Filing, Come Talk To Us

It is easier to deal with bankruptcy issues related to a divorce if you have not filed for divorce yet. By addressing the financial aspects of the divorce that may be overwhelming before the divorce is filed, we can eliminate that as a source of stress and leave you free to focus on the other aspects of your divorce, such as custody of your children.

Discharging Marital Debts

Though most marital debts are divided through the divorce process, this may leave each party with financial obligations that they cannot meet once they are on their own. By filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy before you file for divorce, we can resolve the financial issues and take that out of the equation of your divorce. Bankruptcy with your spouse is not about revenge; it is about starting over and helping you both start fresh in your new lives. You may be able to prevent foreclosure of the family home by filing bankruptcy before divorce. Attorney Michael J. Logan is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can advise you of your rights when visiting our office.

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You do not have to face bankruptcy and divorce issues alone. Complete our intake form for a personal case evaluation by an experienced personal bankruptcy lawyer at our office. We can advise you on how to handle your situation whether you have filed for divorce or are considering filing for divorce.

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