How Bankruptcy Can Help You With Student Loans

Clients from throughout the Springfield, Illinois, area often approach us to ask about eliminating their student loans in a bankruptcy. They figure other kinds of loans can be eliminated, so why not student loans, too?

Unfortunately, student loans are subject to incredibly stringent requirements with respect to bankruptcy. For that reason, any analysis of student loans in a bankruptcy requires a very detailed examination of the individual client.

Attorney Michael J. Logan understands how to conduct that examination. With more than 35 years of experience as a lawyer, attorney Logan knows that a successful bankruptcy case starts with you, the client.

For that reason, our firm's entire legal team is committed to getting to know you and your legal goals. By doing so, we make it possible to show you how the general bankruptcy laws apply in your specific circumstances. It also makes it possible for you to understand your options and, with our help, to choose from those options wisely.

How Difficult Is It To Eliminate Student Loans In Bankruptcy?

Generally speaking, it is very difficult to eliminate student loans in bankruptcy. However, even where completely eliminating the student loans isn't possible, bankruptcy can still help you manage your student loans.

In many cases, that money you have been sending to the credit card companies and debt collectors should instead be sent to your student loans. By eliminating those other debts through a bankruptcy (or managing them in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy), you free up the money you need to pay your student loans while still maintaining your housing.

Find Out More About Your Options

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