You Don't Have To Go It Alone

Is the idea of meeting your creditors face-to-face preventing you from filing your bankruptcy? Would it make you feel better to know that it is very rare for a creditor to actually show up at a bankruptcy creditors' meeting?

Or perhaps your concerns are even more basic than that. Perhaps you don't even know what the creditors' meeting is. Let bankruptcy lawyer Michael J. Logan help you understand how this part of the system works.

Protecting Clients For More Than Three Decades

A creditors' meeting is also called a "341 meeting," the number 341 coming from the section number of the statute that says such a meeting must be held. The meeting, however, is more of a meeting in name than in fact.

In fact, a 341 meeting means you go to a large hearing room with your attorney. In that meeting room, you will sit and wait with any number of other people who are also there for a 341 meeting.

At a certain time, a bankruptcy panel trustee will sit down at a desk at the front of the room and begin calling out names. When your name is called, you and your attorney will sit down at the desk.

After you take an oath to tell the truth, you will be asked a number of questions by the trustee about your bankruptcy case. Don't worry: We will have prepared you for those questions ahead of time. Generally speaking, there are few if any surprises.

When the trustee has the information they need, you are free to go!

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