Documents to Collect Before Filing

Please provide the following items to our office to assist in the preparation of your bankruptcy petition. The petition cannot be filed until all of the items are received in our office in proper form. If you have to contact any employer, other payor or the IRS to obtain such items, please do so directly.

___ 1. Copy of each debtor's Social Security card, and bring original with you to your hearing

___ 2. Copy of each debtor's driver's license, and bring original with you to the hearing

___ 3. Documentation of any wage garnishments, wage assignments or other legal actions, including lawsuits

___ 4. Copy of recent real estate appraisal, if any

___ 5. Copy of most recent real estate tax bill (this may be obtained from tax assessor's office at county courthouse)

___ 6. Pay stubs for each debtor for prior six months

___ 7. Documentation of other income, i.e., child support, Social security, pension, disability, unemployment for prior six months

___ 8. Copies of federal and state tax returns complete with all schedules including W-2s for the prior four years

___ 9. Copies of checking account, savings account and money market account bank statements complete with copies of canceled checks for the prior six months (you will be asked to supplement this at a later date)

___10. Copy of any life insurance policies except ones through employment including a statement regarding the current cash value

___11. Copy of most recent brokerage account statement

___12. Copy of most recent individual retirement account statement

___13. Copy of most recent pension/retirement account statement

___14. Copy of most recent 401(k), 401(b) or 401(e) account statement

___15. Copy of any contract for deed in which you are a buyer or seller

___16. Copy of divorce decrees and/or domestic support obligation orders (child support or alimony)

___17. Recent copy of your credit report; if you do not have one you can get one at

___18. Documentation of value of vehicles which can be obtained at for each vehicle

___19. Certificate of counseling