How To Deal With Debt Collection

How To Deal With Debt Collection

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It is often the overwhelming credit card debt or medical bills that drive people to finally seek legal help with their debts. After months or years of ignoring bills, using one card to pay off another, or borrowing money from a retirement plan to try to pay off mounting credit card bills, many people find themselves facing a collection's lawsuit or wage garnishment.

You may have already suffered through the almost constant phone calls and letters from your creditors, only to find yourself with a judgment against you in a collection's lawsuit by the debt collection company. Once the debt collection company has the judgment against you, it can garnish your wages or put a lien against your real estate or personal property.

Seek Early Legal Help With Debt Collection Troubles

If possible, the best time to seek help from a lawyer with your debt collection troubles is as soon as you know you are falling behind in your payments. An experienced debt relief attorney will analyze your financial circumstances and help you understand the various options available to you to deal with your debt, including:

  • Negotiations with your creditors for a hardship forbearance in the case of job loss or other personal difficulties
  • Negotiation of a voluntary repayment plan with your creditors, in which you close your accounts and agree to make reasonable payments each month, in return for a reduction in the interest rate or the principal of the loan
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy to erase your unsecured debt such as medical bills or credit card debt
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy to reorganize all your debt payments into more manageable monthly amounts over a three- to five-year period, after which your remaining unsecured debt may be erased

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At the Springfield, Illinois, law firm of Michael J. Logan, Ltd., we recognize that many people find it difficult to face their financial problems directly. We do not want embarrassment or shame to prevent people from seeking legal help. For that reason, we offer a personal case assessment. Attorney Michael J. Logan will review your financial circumstances and provide you with a complimentary analysis of all your available options.

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