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The law firm of Michael J. Logan, Ltd., is located in Springfield, Illinois. From Springfield, we are conveniently available to give legal advice and representation to individuals and families throughout Central Illinois.

Our law practice focuses on helping people throughout the bankruptcy process. Each client works closely with attorney Michael J. Logan as well as with our professional and compassionate staff. Clients of our firm who complete the bankruptcy process often tell us that we have eased their way through a difficult process. We are grateful for the opportunity to help people in dire financial straits.

Complete our personal case assessment or call toll free 866-258-6719 to schedule a private appointment with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Practical Legal Help Since 1973

Our firm is led by attorney Michael J. Logan, a lawyer with more than 35 years' experience in Illinois' bankruptcy courts. Mr. Logan received both his undergraduate and law degrees in Illinois and takes great professional pride in offering straightforward and easy-to-understand legal advice to families who need immediate help with unmanageable debt.

Filing a personal bankruptcy petition can give a fresh start to a family in desperate need of relief from mountains of debt — after an unexpected job loss, serious illness, or changes in interest rates on credit cards or home mortgages.

A Focus on Client Service for More Than 35 Years

Our firm has been client-oriented since our inception in 1973. Through the years, we have been dedicated to meeting the legal needs of each client in every respect. Our philosophy includes being available to all of our clients on short notice. We realize the urgency of many of our clients' situations, and we know that the timing of legal action can make a world of difference. The confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship is maintained with the utmost professionalism.

Complete a Personal Case Assessment or Call for an Appointment

We recognize that many people delay seeking legal help with financial woes due to embarrassment or reluctance to share their money problems with a stranger. For that reason, we make available a personal case assessment. You may complete this form privately and submit it for evaluation by attorney Michael J. Logan. You will then receive an e-mail or a telephone call giving you more information about whether a bankruptcy petition may help alleviate your financial troubles.

Or, schedule a private, in-person consultation with Mr. Logan by calling our office toll free at 866-258-6719.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.